I've decided to make a list of Chuck E. Cheese's locations in Eruowood that have or had rare animatronics regardless of weather or not they're still programmed.

The rare animatronics are: Building, Munch Jr., Moon, and Pizzacam (original version)

  • Boston, New Texas (CU 3-stage): had Pizzacam, building, and moon were no longer programmed; Munch Jr. was programmed, but was stuck up. (This location had its 3-stage show removed in September 2016; replaced with a Colors of Light show)
  • EruoPlace Mall (CU 1-stage): Munch Jr. was not programmed from 1996-2015; Munch Jr. was reprogrammed in January 2016 (This location also had a Pizzacam animatronic, but was replaced with a Pizzacam HD animatronic in July 2016)
  • Cooledge Mallport (CU 3-stage): Has Building, Munch Jr., Moon, and Pizzacam; Building and Moon are not programmed, but Munch Jr. and Pizzacam are.
  • Wilmington, Soma (CU 1-Stage): Has Munch Jr. and Tux Chuck animatronics, but the original Pizzacam animatronic was replaced in October 2016 by Pizzacam HD.

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