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Six Flags is proud to announce a partnership with CEC-ABS Entertainment Concepts, L.P. to introduce a new fun area for kids ages 3-13 years, Chuck E. Town. The area will feature rides games and the characters from the Chuck E. Cheese's family entertain center chain. The area will open at the following parks: Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Varosha, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Six Flags St. Louis.


Ride selection will vary by park

  • Mr. Munch's Pizza Spin - A teacups style ride themed to cans of pizza sauce (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFGAm)
  • Chuck E.'s Rock 'n Roller Coaster - A kiddie coaster themed around Chuck E. Cheese (SFOT, SFMM, SFOG, SFStL)
  • Pizzeria Turnpike - A car ride (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFStL, SFOG, SFGAm)
  • Jasper's Flying Cheese - A "Flying Dumbo" style ride (SFOT, SFOG, SFMM, SFGAm)
  • Birthday Star Balloons - A Zamperla Samba Tower ride (SFOT, SFMM, SFOG, SFV, SFStL)
  • Wheel of Pizza - A kiddie Ferris Wheel ride (SFOG, SFOT, SFV)
  • Chuck E. Cheese Rodeo - A "Frog Hopper" style ride (SFOT)

Other attractions

  • Pizza Time Theater - A showplace where the Munch's Make Believe Band plays (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFStL, SFOG, SFGAm)
  • Chuck E. Store - A store selling Chuck E. Cheese's merchandise (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFStL, SFOG, SFGAm)
  • Chuck E.'s Snack Spot (SFOT)
  • Meet-n-greets with costumed Chuck E. Cheese's characters (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFStL, SFOG, SFGAm)
  • Chuck E. SkyTubes Playground (SFOT, SFStL, SFV)
  • Chuck E.'s Arcade (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFStL, SFOG, SFGAm)

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