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    This was kind of a difficult choice for me to make about the fictional country of Eruowood. I've decided to give Eruowood a "fresh start" on the Dream Fiction Wiki as a result of this announcement, all Eruowood references will be removed from The World of Anything Fiction Wiki.

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    ABS Retail is putting their vast array of clothing brands into three categories, premium (high-price end), mainstream (mid-price end), value (lower-price end). The brands are listed below.

    • Abercrombie & Fitch
      • Abercrombie Kids (children)
    • P.S. from Aeropostale (children)

    • American Eagle Outfitters
      • 77 Kids (children)
    • Aeropostale
    • Justice (children)
    • Brothers (children)

    • TBA
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    Official customer announcement: For intimidate release to the public

    Six Flags is proud to announce a partnership with CEC-ABS Entertainment Concepts, L.P. to introduce a new fun area for kids ages 3-13 years, Chuck E. Town. The area will feature rides games and the characters from the Chuck E. Cheese's family entertain center chain. The area will open at the following parks: Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags Varosha, Six Flags Over Georgia, and Six Flags St. Louis.

    Ride selection will vary by park

    • Mr. Munch's Pizza Spin - A teacups style ride themed to cans of pizza sauce (SFOT, SFMM, SFV, SFGAm)
    • Chuck E.'s Rock 'n Roller Coaster - A kiddie coaster themed around Chuck E. Cheese (SFOT, SFMM, SFO…

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  • BigSpinCoaster

    Here is a list of Pepsi products that are available in Eruowood.

    • Pepsi
      • Pepsi in USSR period-style glass bottles (with twist off caps)
      • Diet Pepsi
    • Wild Cherry Pepsi
      • Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi
    • Pepsi Max
    • 1893 Craft Cola
    • Crystal Pepsi
      • Diet Crystal Pepsi
      • Crystal Pepsi Wild Cherry
    • Pepsi Blue (blue colored cola)
    • Pepsi Donut (pink colored donut flavored cola with rainbow sprinkles; sold at Dunkin' Donuts restaurants)

    • Pepsi Twist Vanilla (2001-2005)
      • Pepsi Twist Lemon (2001-2005)
      • Pepsi Twist Lime (2001-2005)
    • Pepsi Raging Razzberry (Limited time offering at Eruowoodian Kmart stores in 1993)
    • Pepsi Strawberry Burst (Limited time offering at Eruowoodian Kmart stores in 1993)
    • Pepsi Tropical Chill (Limited time offering at Eruowoodian Kmart stores in 1993)
    • Pepsi Red (fruit punch…

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  • BigSpinCoaster

    I've decided to make a list of Chuck E. Cheese's locations in Eruowood that have or had rare animatronics regardless of weather or not they're still programmed.

    The rare animatronics are: Building, Munch Jr., Moon, and Pizzacam (original version)

    • Boston, New Texas (CU 3-stage): had Pizzacam, building, and moon were no longer programmed; Munch Jr. was programmed, but was stuck up. (This location had its 3-stage show removed in September 2016; replaced with a Colors of Light show)
    • EruoPlace Mall (CU 1-stage): Munch Jr. was not programmed from 1996-2015; Munch Jr. was reprogrammed in January 2016 (This location also had a Pizzacam animatronic, but was replaced with a Pizzacam HD animatronic in July 2016)
    • Cooledge Mallport (CU 3-stage): Has Buildi…

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