Tony Hawk's Big Spin

Ride's logo

Tony Hawk's Big Spin (Six Flags St. Louis)

Tony Hawk's Big Spin roller coaster at Six Flags St. Louis

Tony Hawk's Big Spin halfpipe sign

Tony Hawk's Big Spin ride sign at Six Flags Fiesta Texas along with the spinning cutout of Tony Hawk on the halfpipe

Tony Hawk's Big Spin entrance (SFDK)

The former entrance to Tony Hawk's Big Spin at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Tony Hawk's Big Spin is a series of spinning roller coasters made by Gerstlauer at the Six Flags amusement park chain.


The roller coasters all sport a red and black color scheme and are either Model 420/4 or Model 380/4. Each coaster has a spinning cutout of Tony Hawk on top of it and skateboard themed cars. Six Flags Fiesta Texas and Six Flags St. Louis have skateboard ramps on a portion of the tracks. Six Flags New England's rethemed version will have a black track with red supports as oppose to the red track and black supports like the others.


Former locationsEdit


  • Six Flags New England was the first park the Six Flags chain to get a spinning coaster, it was originally named "Pandemonium". The name would later used in real life to rename the Tony Hawk's Big Spin coaster after Six Flags ended their original licensing agreement with Tony Hawk in late 2010.
  • After ABS and BigSpin Corporation had bought the Six Flags chain in July 2016, a new licensing agreement with Tony Hawk was started and all of the Gerstlauer spinning coasters (except for the one at Six Flags Mexico) were renamed "Tony Hawk's Big Spin".
  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's Tony Hawk's Big Spin roller coaster was awarded by the National Six Flags Corporation as the friendliest and cleanest of them all.
  • Some of the THBS coasters recycled parts of former attractions for use in the ride's area.
    • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom used the old Zonga station as a sheltered area with TVs in the queue line for their coaster and the girders that held the Tony Hawk banners at the ride's entrance are still in use today for its replacement, Superman: Ultimate Flight.
    • Six Flags St. Louis uses their old dolphin show shelter for part of their coaster's queue line.
    • Six Flags Fiesta Texas uses the old fun house queue line that was used for "The Joker's Revenge" roller coaster for their coaster.

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