The State of Oreconsin VS The Farrahtuhsh Society is a court case that is currently being heard in The Supreme Court of The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. The State of Oreconsin VS The Farrahtuhsh Society is dealing with several items.

  • The definition of Driving.
  • The definition of Traveling.
  • The definition of Passenger.
  • The definition of Vehicle.

The Farrahtuhsh Society is arguing that a free individual has the right to travel upon the public roads, highways, and interstates free and unmolested without having to be licensed because you are not making money. The Farrahtuhsh Society is also arguing that if you are making money, then you are driving.

On the other hand The State of Oreconsin is arguing that without licensing, you wouldn't be able to determine who is able to control their vehicle or conveyance safely. The State of Oreconsin is also arguing that the definition of a commercial vehicle is one that can be 8000 pounds or heavier. Other definitions of commercial are listed in the Oreconsin Motor Vehicles handbook and under Oreconsin State Statutes.

Legal Impact Edit

The legal impact of this case could change things within The Sovereignty of Dahrconia forever. Should The Farrahtuhsh Society win, then the Department of Motor Vehicles and the State of Oreconsin, and in fact all 60 states could suffer from a loss in needed revenues that are used to maintain the roads. Should the State of Oreconsin win, then things will stay the same.

The Ruling Edit

The Supreme Court of The Sovereignty of Dahrconia has released it's ruling considering this case.

The Supreme Court of The Sovereignty of Dahrconia has ruled in the favor of The State of Oreconsin. It was determined by the court that the arguments made by The Farrahtuhsh Society has no real basis in law. The Court cited other supreme court cases saying that yes the states can license people to be on the roads whether you are claiming to be driving or traveling. Or whether or not you are making money or not. The next part of the ruling dictates that getting a license to drive does not constitute a contract because all you are doing is demonstrating your ability to pilot/operate the car-vehicle safely and properly.

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