The Spyder Valley Film and Music Festival is an annual celebration of the best in Dahrconian Independent film.  The Second Jewel in the Triple Crown of Independent Film, The Spyder Valley Film and Music Festival is the one the independent film makers want to win.  For a victory here gives you positioning to win the Triple crown of Independent Film.  Ran by the Spyder Valley Film Institute, this festival is one of the biggest economic boosts The Spyder Valley enjoys every year.

History Edit

The Spyder Valley Film and Music Festival was started in 2012 when Dahrconian Celebrities Katie Masters and Darrin Quentinson showed interest in the Spyder Valley to form a Film Festival that could fill in a hole that was in the yearly schedule. The night Katie and Darrin showed up to La Grange to propose the idea, the La Grange City Council and the mayor had intended to freeze out the city of Riverdale, however a couple of citizens in Rivedale got wind of this and were able to attend the La Grange City Council meeting. Once the final details were hammered out, the first festival was held Thursday March 22nd, 2012 to Sunday April 1st, 2012.

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