The Shaibreen Cup is the culmination of horse racing within The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. The Shaibreen cup is awarded to horse and owner who wins the Shaibreen Super. The Shaibreen Cup is Dahrconia's Answer to The Breeder's Cup in the United States. The Shaibreen Cup is run every year in Sydney Missitucky.

History Edit

The Shaibreen Cup was formed as a way to give champion thoroughbred horses a way to permanently solidify their legacies.

Concept Edit

The concept of The Shaibreen Cup is to bring together the best champion horses from all over The Sovereignty of Dahrconia to compete for one major title.

Format Edit

To get into the Shaibreen Cup, you must compete in at least two Shaibreen Cup Challenge Series races to qualify for the first 10 spots. These qualification races start from the second day in January up to 4 weeks before the race itself. The remaining 10 spots are from those who qualify will have also earned enough points throughout the year to get into the race. 4 weeks from the race itself, all eligible horses owner gather to plead their cases before the selection committee to see which horses get into the field of 20. Once selected the horse owners go into a lottery to see which gate they enter on race day. From the selection point up to 3 days before the race, all selected owners may trade or sell their positions in the gate to the other selected owners. This gives an incentive to the owners to compete for a good place in the gate.

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