The Palace of Belforth is the home of the Senate and the Parliament for The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. The Palace of Belforth is split into two sections. Section one holds The house of Commons and the House of Lords. Section two holds Senate. Though both sections are separate, they are wholly responsible for making law within Dahrconia.

History Edit

The Palace of Belforth was originally built by the old monarchy as a second home. The building was built as it sits now because the old king then wanted something huge. The Palace stood as a royal home until the revolution, when the Dahrconian Constitution was ratified and the monarchy was reduced to figurehead status only. After the revolution, Belforth was converted into what it is today. Parliament and Senate. It has gone through many changes over the years. These changes range from adding television in the 80's to upgrading to fiber optic internet.

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