The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery is a very historic cemetery that sits in Riverdale, Oreconsin. The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery is known for many burials including that of the Children of Flowers..

History Edit

The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery was opened in 1717 as persons were settling into the Spyder Valley after journeying thousands of miles from the Eastern half of Dahrconia. As settlers came into the valley, the need for a cemetery came to being, and The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery was opened to commemorate the affair. Once things settled in, the cemetery started filling in.

Later in the life of the cemetery, people saw many things happen to it. In 1825, the first and only hanging and only female to be hanged in the area was buried. Then in 1880 a gang of evil men who had been gunned down by dahrconian Marshals were buried in the cemetery. Not many more notable burials have happened in the cemetery. That's until 2015. (See below)

The Children of Flowers Edit

In 2003 a group of people known as The Children of Flowers suddenly appeared in Riverdale looking like something weird. These people seemed to act like they were in some kind of daze or were somehow brainwashed. As it would later be determined, these people were part of some religious cult that believed that their leader known as The great Guru Gary was some god like figure and that he would lead them to glory. Then it happened. On June 16th, 2015 the Oreconsin State Police responded to the very home The Children of Flowers were living in to discover all 20 members were dead. And that The Great Guru Gary was nowhere to be found. After an investigation all 20 members were interred in The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery along with The Great Guru Gary who was subsequently killed by the Missorado Highway Patrol when Gary pulled an AK-47 on police and opened fire. This incident and the burial of this cult did cast a dark shadow over both the cemetery and the city, however that was forgotten when another major event took place a few weeks later.

Gallery of Gravestones Edit

Here's a gallery of gravestones that exist in The Olde Ihldaganth Village Cemetery. The more the merrier.

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