The Magical Mystical Horror Factory is a haunted house attraction operating at St Clair Ave. in Euclid, Ohio. It is located at the Euclid Square Mall.

Overview Edit

The attraction uses many effects, intense lighting (strobe lights, black lights, and so forth), animatronics, CGI, scent dispensers, fog machines, air blasters, old antiques, gory images, and intense scenes of terror, torment, crime, mischief, or comedy. Visitors often come in contact with various actors dressed up in elaborate and often scary costumes, masks, and prosthetics; these actors perform skits or hide and jump out unexpectedly to scare, shock, disturb, or amuse the customer.

Members of the Magical Mystical Horror Factory cast include veteran actors, amateur actors, various people, ABS' "drunk employees", and TV stars hired for the attraction, including, but not limited to: James Eric Anzalone, Sharon Baird, Cassandra "Elvira" Peterson, Rich Koz, and Robert Englund.

Setup Edit

ABS employees initially place 17,000 aluminium protection plates over floor tiles, together with custom-made Styrofoam and fiberglass walls, and put in strobe lights, black lights, animatronic characters, projection screens for the CGI parts, fog machines, air blasters, scent dispensers, and various other things, prior to putting in the final touches and opening up the attraction.

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