Super Pizza Fun Works was a chain of family entertainment centers that was owned by BigSpin Corporation. The first Super Pizza Fun Works fun center opened in 1990. In 2016, shortly after the chain's parent company, BigSpin Corporation partnered up with Kabushiki Gaisha ABS, all of the Super Pizza Fun Works fun centers were converted to Chuck E. Cheese's as a result.

Entertainment offeringsEdit

Super Pizza Fun Works offered several means of family entertainment, like arcade games and indoor playgrounds, some locations offered pay per price attractions like laser tag and mini golf. Later on in 2005 Super Pizza Fun Works introduced a coin-op touch screen photo/picture maker called the "Super Sketchbook" similar to the touch screen photo/picture maker at 77 Kids and Ruum stores.

A-Maze-ing Super Ball CrawlEdit

The A-Maze-ing Super Ball Crawl was the brand used by Super Pizza Fun Works for their indoor playgrounds. The playground consisted of various craw tubes, slides, and ball pits similar to the SkyTubes at the Chuck E. Cheese's chain.

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