Six Flags Royalty Point Mall is a Six Flags theme park that operates in the center section of the Royalty Point Mall.


The park opened in 2010 replacing a Montgomery Ward store that had closed in 1996, but the store remain mostly empty after Montgomery Ward closed.


Roller coastersEdit

  • Tony Hawk's Big Spin (2010)
  • Superman: Ultimate Escape (2010)
  • Wile E. Coyote & Roadrunner's Great Chase (2010; located in Bugs Bunny's Looney-verse)
  • Batman: Dark Knight Flight (2010)
  • Python Pit (2012; located in Kidzopolis)

Water rideEdit

  • Crackleaxe Canyon Rapids (2010; river rapids ride)

Flat ridesEdit


  • The Flash (2015; Larson Super Loop ride)
  • Twin Thunder (2010; Zamperla Hawk 48 ride)
  • Tony Hawk's Halfpipe (2017; Zamperla Mega Disk'O ride)


  • Spinsanity (2010; formerly known as "Scrambler")
  • Go Bananas! (2010; Zamperla Midi Teacups ride)
  • Gotham City Crime Wave (2010; Zierer Wave Swinger ride)
  • Atom Smashers (2010; bumper cars)


  • Krazy Kars (2010; kiddie bumper cars, formerly known as "Big Red Cars", located in Kidzopolis)
  • Up, Up & Away (2010; Zamperla Samba Tower ride, formerly known as "Yummy Yummy Fruit Salad", located in Kidzopolis)
  • Wagon Wheel (2010; kiddie Ferris wheel, formerly known as "Wiggly Trail Ride", located in Kidzopolis)
  • ZoomJets (2010; Zamperla Aero Top Jet ride, formerly known as "Big Red Planes" , located in Kidzopolis)
  • Bugs Bunny Rabbit Transit (2010; Zamperla Rio Grande kiddie train, located in Bugs Bunny's Looney-verse)
  • Daffy Duck Diver (2010; Zamperla submarine themed Crazy Bus ride, located in Bugs Bunny's Looney-verse)
  • Taz Tornado (2010; Zamperla kiddie "Wave Swinger" ride, located in Bugs Bunny's Looney-verse)

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