The Six Flags Ride It Coaster Simulator was a motion simulator ride that emulated the experience of riding a roller coaster. The ride featured POV videos and motion simulations of selected Six Flags roller coasters. The ride was devised by BigSpin Corporation (who owns 50% of the Six Flags chain).

The ride was exclusive to the Chuck E. Cheese's chain of family entertainment centers, where it was being trialled at their Kenji Yukimura Ave. location in Varosha as a test concept.

Riders would be 48" or taller to ride alone, riders 3 years of age older and under 48" had to ride with a partner who is 48" or taller. The cost per ride was one token (around 25 cents) for up to two riders. It would be up to managers of the restaurant wherever or not to allow single riders to ride.

Roller coastersEdit

The ride could be programmed to include up to six coaster simulations, from the following list of Six Flags roller coaster simulations available:

Technical faults Edit

On the 2nd of November at 21:10 Varoshan Standard Time, CEC KY Avenue staff reported a serious malfunction of their Ride It coaster simulator (less than 48 hours after initial introduction). The failure mode was described as the simulator rig leaning fully left - jammed in said position - with its doors still open for boarding guests. A guest reportedly scanned his Play Pass just before discovering the fault. He was given a free turn in the Ticket Blaster later that day, along with 5 free tokens credited to his Play Pass card.

The ride was taken out of order immediately. In the aftermath, CEC-ABS Entertainment Concepts issued a statement citing a large-scale cancellation of orders - 9 orders from US CEC locations for the Ride It coaster simulator were cancelled.

On the 3rd of February, 2017, CEC KY Ave announced that it was scrapping its Ride It. Kenji Yukimura, CEO of CEC-ABS Entertainment, announced on the same day that it would no longer accept the Ride It in any of its locations. BigSpin Corporation was pardoned by the company in spite of the fiasco.

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