Six Flags New Orleans is an abandoned park in New Orleans, LA It was originally owned by Six Flags, but after Hurricane Katrina destroyed the park it was sold to the city of New Orleans. In November 2016 Quito Inc. bought it and announced they will build a new park, plus a new water park. On April 29, 2017, after Quito dissolved, Horizons bought Jazzland. It will be finished by the summer of 2017. It will be rebranded to Jazzland.


Roller coastersEdit

  • Dragon Fireball (2003-2005, 2017; formerly known as "The Jester")
  • Zydeco Scream (2003-2005, 2017)
  • Roller Skater (2017)

Flat ridesEdit

  • Flaming Hoop (2017; Larson Super Loop ride)
  • Crazy Gator (2017; Zamperla alligator themed Crazy Bus ride)

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