Mega CD logo (Europe)

The Mega CD logo used in Eruowood

Sega CD

A US-spec Sega Genesis model 2 console with a Sega CD add-on, similar to the Mega CD

The Sega Mega CD was sold in Eruowood from 1992 until 1998. The unit was marketed as an add-on for the Sega Genesis console.

Technical Edit

The Eruowoodian Mega CD had the same BIOS as the American Sega CD, albeit rebranded. Its boot screen music is identical to that of the US model 2 unit.

The system depended on a separate power supply, and the host processing power and game controller of a Sega Genesis system, rendering the Mega CD useless without a Sega Genesis to connect it to. The later Sega Mega CD-X and JVC X'Eye were stand-alone units that combined the two systems, but the CD-X was notorious for disc reading issues and the X'Eye was never officially sold in Eruowood.

Its regional lockout code was the same used for American/Canadian Sega CD games. As such, some unofficial grey-import of Sega CD units and games from the United States and Canada arose after the official discontinuation of the unit.

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