Saniel is a country located off the coast from Mexico. It is a republic, as the name is Republica de Saniel (Republic of Saniel).


Before The EmpiresEdit

Saniel was almost isolated, and home of the native Sanielan people. A lot is known about the people as Saniel kept its culture, and language. It is unknown when, but the Mayan empire expaned into the east coast of Saniel.


After the Spanish invading Mexico, more Mayans invaded Saniel. The Sanielans didn't like this, so they declared war on the Mayans, and started working with Spain. This would lead to a long friendship with the Spanish Empire until 1798.

Largest Cities Edit

  1. Anezo
  2. Puevo
  3. Port Santiago


Saniel has 35 states, and each state is split into counites.
  1. Alorte (AL) (Ah-lor-t-ay) Capital:Valli (Val-e) Largest City:Sonidor
  2. West Tana (WT) (West Tan-ah) Capital:Laciu (La-see-u) Largest City:La Intersección
  3. East Tana (EN) (East Tan-ah) Capital:Hosa (Ho-sah) Largest City:Hosa (Ho-sah)
  4.  Leurez (LZ) (Lee-ur-ez) Capital:Minete (Min-t-ay) Largest City:Anezo

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