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The City of Riverdale Oreconsin is an incorporated township in the State of Oreconsin.

History Edit

Riverdale was founded in 1715 when people came from the east to settle the west. As the city grew, things came to bear.

Major Roads Edit

The City of Riverdale is connected by several roads that make it possible to get around.

Interstate 88 Edit

Connects Cambridge and Masters City in the west to Riverdale.

Hawthorne Boulevard Edit

Hawthorne Boulevard also splits Riverdale in half. It is the focal point for many of the businesses in Riverdale. This includes the Starbright Hotel and Everett Gardens Mall

Loop 203 Edit

This road encircles Riverdale. It makes two connections to Interstate 88.

Things of Interest Edit

This is a list of things and people that have made Riverdale so interesting.

  • In 1825, Bridget Crane was the first and only person and the first and only female to be hanged in Riverdale.
  • Riverdale is the home of Marissa Lynne Summers

Image Gallery Edit

Here's some images of interest

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