Reginald Pennyfeather III JD (8 March 1950 - 14 June 2016) was a Dahrconian businessman and Philanthropist. He is best known for the controversy surrounding the Death for money scandal. Reginald was serving 150 years in prison before being murdered by inmates.

History Edit

Reginald was born in Superabet City in 1950.

The Death for Money Scandal Edit

in 2010, Reginald was working at his company when he was asked what he might do to spread some of his wealth around. Reginald went into a quiet area of his company to think. Then on Wednesday August 11th, 2010 Reginald came out to a packed press conference to make this shocking announcement.

"I was recently asked what if anything I could do to spread some of my wealth around the Sovereignty to give a little relief to the still existent financial crisis. After careful consideration and research, I have come up with one and only thing that I can do with my cash. At this time I am making this proposal. To anybody willing and 100% voluntary. I will pay to these participants the total of 150 million Dekkers to let me bind them up, place a rope on their necks and allow said persons to be hanged. This money will be paid upon confirmation of death. I am curious to see what kind of reaction this will bring. Thank you."

Reginald then stepped off the set up podium to see what would happen after this decree. Well reaction was swift, fast and furious. A day after Reginald made this proclamation, Both the Dahrconian FBI and Marshal Service were in Reginald's office placing him under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder and attempted murder. After the arrest, then prime Minister Marissa Lynne Summers had this to say.

"I am so disgusted that a person, let alone a well respected business man would make such an announcement. This kind of thing has no place in a peaceful and honorable society. And I will do everything I can to see justice is served"

After arraignment, Reginald Pennyfeather III was brought to trial for what he had said on Monday March 10th, 2014. After 7 days of arguments and evidence, Reginald Pennyfeather was found guilty of Conspiracy to commit murder, Bribery, and Attempted murder. Two weeks later Reginald was sentenced to 150 years in prison for his actions.

Death Edit

On June 14th, 2016 Reginald was murdered by inmates who had gotten word of what Reginald had said about money death. This plot was apparently hatched over the last few months, when Reginald was released from special custody and placed in general population.