Railpass Dahrconia is the passenger railroad service that operates within The Sovereignty of Dahrconia

History Edit

Railpass Dahrconia started service in the 1970's as the major railroads transitioned from passenger to exclusively freight service. However the railroads didn't want to stop having passenger trains on their systems. Enter Railpass Dahrconia. The service took in all passenger cars and other equipment plus management of passenger services.

As the 80's and 90's came to bear, passenger service didn't have much appeal, but thanks to good marketing and improved routes, Railpass Dahrconia saw in increase in ridership as the cost of flying went up.

Notable Trains Edit

Auto Train Edit

Railpass Dahrconia operates an auto train between Satterville Washachusettes and Missorado City, Missorado. This train makes one stop in Cambridge, Oreconsin.

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