Raid new

Raid is a brand of insecticide made by The S.C Johnson Company that first was sold in Kanton in 1963.



  • Raid House & Garden Bug Killer
  • Raid Flying Insect Killer
  • Raid Ant Killer
  • Raid Ant & Roach Killer
  • Raid Flea Killer Plus Carpet & Room Spray
  • Raid Flea Killer Plus Cat Spray
  • Raid Flea Killer Plus Dog Spray
  • Raid Multi-Bug Killer
  • Raid Yard Guard
  • Raid Automatic Spray

Traps & BaitsEdit

  • Raid Ant Baits
  • Raid Roach Baits
  • Raid Yellow Jacket Traps
  • Raid Flea Light Traps
  • Raid Flea Traps

Other productsEdit

  • Raid Fogger
  • Raid Fumigator
  • Raid Mosquito Coil
  • Raid Ant Gel
  • Raid Moth Repellent Closet Clips


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