The National Sports Stadium (Arabic: الاستادالوطنيالرياضي) is a multipurpose stadium in the Sadaqa district of Aljannat Alllah, the capital city of the Satyagrahi Republic of Paceeuk. It was built for American-style auto racing on a massive scale, with a field three times longer and three times wider than the standard Association football pitch.

It is the home of Paceeuk A.F.C, and is listed as a UEFA Category 4 Stadium despite having a 310.5 x 202.5 m pitch.

It holds 440,000 spectators, all covered (upgraded).

In 2013, a new lightweight retractable roof was installed, and the surface was replaced with a new SoftTop Removable Matrix System surface. Currently, the surface is SoftTop for soccer and auto racing, and concrete for multipurpose events.

History Edit

Auto racing Edit

The venue was built in 1952 to host auto races on a massive scale. Every 2 weeks, citizens of the city cheered as imported cars from other countries driven by prisoners from the local concentration camps did laps around the track. Then-president Michael Bernie used a cannon to launch cannonballs doused in gasoline and lit on fire over the stadium and into a nearby pond as entertainment every 6 laps.

In 2015, the stadium began holding the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race, the McVitie's Digestive Cookies 500.

Soccer Edit

It is the home field of Paceeuk A.F.C. It's first game at the National Sports Stadium was against Bradford City A.F.C. of League One, the third tier of English football, in 1980, where Paceeuk A.F.C won, 11-5.

Mutlipurpose Events Edit

It has hosted a Monster Jam monster truck show every year since 2006.

It has hosted the X-Racerz motocross competition every year since 1992.

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