Metro Conference

The Metro Conference is a collegiate association in The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. Made up of twelve schools along the other side of the Dexaplahst River, the Metro Conference is a part of the Collegiate Athletic Union of Dahrconia. In college football, the conference hosts a championship game in Sydney, Missitucky. They host conference tournaments in collegiate basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Member Schools Edit

In College football and baseball, the teams a split to two divisions, while in basketball, the conference has no divisions.

Football & Baseball Divisions Edit

Eastern Division Western Division
Washagon State Cougars

(Located in Port Blacksand, Washagon)

UT-Oakland Bears

(Located in Oakland, Texoma)

Millsaps University Knights

(Located in Lamar Calikota)

San Francisco University Blazers

(Located in San Francisco, Minnissippi)

University of Phillips Eagles

(Located in St. Carnard, Calisota)

Jackson State University Tigers

(Located in Jackson, Texoma)

Franklin University Bobcats

(Located in Mellingville, Calikota)

University of San Diego Toreros

(Located in San Diego, Texoma)

University of Riverton Eagles

(Located in Riverton, Missitucky)

Saint Louis University Billikens

(Located in St. Louis, Minnissippi)

UM-Philadelphia Mustangs

(Located in Philadelphia, Missitucky)

Pitt University Panthers

(Located in Pitt, Minnissippi

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