Masterblaster Avenue is the biggest and longest Road in Superabet City The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. Masterblaster Avenue also separates Northern Superabet City from Southern Superabet City.

History Edit

Masterblaster Avenue was a small road that helped Superabet City grow. And as the city grew so did Masterblaster Avenue. Currently Masterblaster Avenue is 8 lanes (4 in each direction) With two left turn lanes at each intersection. Masterblaster Avenue gained more noteriety when two connections were made allowing Masterblaster Avenue to become Dahrconia Highway 8. Dahrconia Highway 8 connects Satterville Washachusettes in Western Dahrconia with Allieville, Tennemont in Eastern Dahrconia. This marks the 20th Non Interstate highway to cross Dahrconia.

Notable Landmarks and Structures Edit

This is a list of notable landmarks and structures that exist on Masterblaster Avenue.

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