• EstrellaAir (1924-present) Based in Puevo, DP
  • FlySaniel (1930-present) Based in Sonidor, AL
  • Linterson (2002-present) Based in La Intersección, WT
  • DeseoWish Airlines (1954-present) Based in Anezo, LZ
  • OurWings (1964-present) Based in Sonidor, AL


  • DriveSaniel (2005-present)
  • Son (1924-present)
  • Scion (2017-present)
  • Ford Saniel (1985-present)
  • VW Saniel (1996-present)
  • Toyota Saniel (1980-present)

Stores Edit

  • Venture Saniel (2017-present)

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