Link Parks Management was the theme park arm of Quito Inc. It was formed in 2007 when Link Park bought eight theme parks from Six Flags.

On January 16, Link Park announced they will buy Schlitterbahn, which gave them five new parks.

It was the owner of the Hurricane Bay chain of water parks.

On April 29, 2017, Link Parks Management was bought and merged into Horizons Parks after Horizons Industry bought LPM.

Theme ParksEdit

Park Location Year Aquired Notes
Elitch Park^ Denver, CO 2007 Formerly named Elitch Gardens
Frontier City^ Oklahoma City, OK
Hurricane Bay Oklahoma^
AstroWorld^ Houston, TX

Hurricane Bay Houston^

Schlitterbahn Galveston Galveston, TX 2017
Hurricane Bay California^ Concord, CA 2007
Hurricane Bay Northwest^ Federal Way, WA 
Darien Lake^ Darien, NY
Hurricane Bay at Darien Lake^ Add-on water park to Darien Lake
New MexLand* Albaqurque, NM 2008 
Hurricane Bay @ New MexLand* Add-on water park to New MexLand
Hurricane Bay Carolinas* Myrtle Beach, SC 2010
Valley Point * Boise, ID
Hurricane Bay at Valley Point* 2012 Add-on water park to Valley Park
Hurricane Bay San Antonio* San Antonio, TX 2011
Kentucky Kingdom  Louisville, KY 2012
Hurricane Bay at Kentucky Kingdom* 2013 Add-on water park to Kentucky Kingdom
Hurricane Bay Louisiana* Baton Rouge, LA
Opryland' Nashville, TN 2016 To be named Meldoy Park in May 2017
Hurricane Bay At Meldoy Park* ' 2017
Six Flags Louisiana' New Orelans, LA 2016 To be renamed to Jazzland in July 2017
Hurricane Bay at Jazzland* ' 2017
Schlitterbahn Kansas City" Kansas City, MO
Schlitterbahn South Padre Island" South Padre Island, TX
Schlitterbahn New Braunfels" New Braunfels, TX
Schlitterbahn Corpus Christi" Corpus Christi, TX
Schlitterbahn Ft. Ladurdale" ' Ft. Ladurdale, FL In devolpment
  • -Built by Link Parks Mangement 

^-Purchased from Six Flags in 2007

"-Purchased during the aqustion of Schlitterbahn in 2017

'-In devolpment

Planned ParksEdit

Name Location Constrction Starting Day Notes
Hurricane Bay Los Angles Costa Mesa, CA October 1, 2017
Hurricane Bay Central Coast San Luis Obiso, CA October 1, 2017
Hurricane Bay Omaha Omaha November 15, 2017
PointJax Jacksonville, FL unknown
Hurricane Bay at PointJax Jacksonville, FL unknown
Hurricane Bay North Florida Tallahassee, FL uknown

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