Lindercreek Family Food 'n Fun is a single location FEC operating in Lindercreek, Oreconsin.

History Edit

Lindercreek Family Food 'n Fun originally opened in 1990 as a Showbiz Pizza Place. In 1994 the Lindercreek SPP closed and reopened as a Chuck E. Cheese's. In 2016 the Lindercreek Chuck E. Cheese's closed, but reopened under new management under its current name, "Lindercreek Family Food 'n Fun". As a result, all of the CEC references (including the animatronics) were removed.

Show statusEdit

It has a Rock-afire Explosion show, replacing the CEC's 3-stage which was also a RAE before.

Game and rides galley for Lindercreek Family Food 'n Fun Edit

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