KKABS Southwest Annexe

The Southwest Annexe's main building, containing the headquarters of ABS Retail, KFWD and CEC-ABS Entertainment.

The Kabushiki Gaisha ABS Southwest Annexe (also known as the 'ABS Southwest Annexe', 'KFWD Television Center' and 'CEC-ABS Southwest Annexe' depending on context) is a large building complex that houses the American operations of Kabushiki Gaisha ABS.

The building is located on 1707 Market Place Boulevard, and is situated in the city of Irving, Texas, immediately west of Dallas' city limits.

Operations Edit

The building is currently occupied by the following:

ABS America Television Network Edit

The Southwest Annexe serves as the main base for ABS' owned-and-operated television stations in the United States, branded under the ABS America banner.

The building also acts as the central studio, production facility and transmission center for KFWD, the Dallas-Fort Worth area's ABS station.

ABS Retail Edit

The building serves as the main headquarters for ABS Retail, which comprises all of KKABS' retail store chains.

CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc. Edit

KKABS Southwest Annexe CEC Ent sign

CEC Entertainment signage on the company's wing of the building complex. This image was taken just 1 week before ABS purchased the family fun center operator.

Upon the initial opening of the building complex, CEC Entertainment relocated their corporate headquarters to here. After being purchased by Kabushiki Gaisha ABS in June 2016 and becoming one of the company's largest subsidiaries outside of the broadcast media industry, CEC-ABS Entertainment is often referred to as the main founding tenant of the complex. All of the company's main divisions are housed in the Southwest Annexe.

Six Flags Edit

A small regional branch operations office for the Six Flags theme park chain, co-owned by ABS and the BigSpin Corporation, exists on the premises of the Southwest Annexe.

Storage area Edit

CEC-ABS and KFWD have a large storage warehouse on premises separate from the main office buildings of the Southwest Annexe, however the warehouse's short distance from the rest of the buildings allows it to remain a part of the Annexe's wider area.

The warehouse was previously shared with Six Flags. This practice ended when KKABS staff began complaining about space shortages stemming from Six Flags' storage of dismantled roller coasters in the facility. Six Flags would go on to build its own storage warehouse within the vicinity of their own Over Texas theme park.

Other tenants Edit

Lennar Homes is currently the only non-ABS subsidiary to occupy office space in the annexe.

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