The older "Kay Bee" logo used on some locations

KB Toys (also known as Kay Bee Toy Stores) is a chain of toy stores operating on a worldwide scale. The chain is jointly-owned by BigSpin Corporation and ABS Retail.

History Edit

BigSpin Corporation had revived the dying KB Toys chain amongst the fierce and slowly-monopolising competition posed by Toys "R" Us. Initially centering around the BigSpin Corporation's thriving home market of Dahrconia, they eventually ended up expanding into the US.

In mid-2016, Kabushiki Gaisha ABS (specifically its ABS Retail subsidiary) was engaged in a serious fallout with Mason Kerry over the deteriorating standards being set by another "revived" toy store chain, Child World. ABS withdrew its support for said chain as Child World's owners, Loveboat Hospitality International, passed the event horizon of total bankruptcy.

On the same day that ABS boycotted Child World, it announced that it was taking 50/50 ownership in KB Toys. The chain's operations would become a collaborative effort between BigSpin and ABS.

Operations Edit

Many of KB Toys' US stores are located in shopping malls and other similar centers. As of recently, some closed Toys "R" Us stores outside of malls have been bought out and made into KB stores, breaking this trend.

KB Toys has a very similar principle of operation when compared to Toys "R" Us; selling children's toys, video games and clothing to consumers.

KB also sells gift cards for use at other retail stores and restaurant chains, a trend started in 2011 when KB stores in Dahrconia started placing them in stalls next to the checkouts.

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