Joint Base Fort Boeningham Lizard Stomp Air Force Base is a combination Army fort and Air force base that exists just southeast of Riverdale Oreconsin

History Edit

Originally started as Lizard Stomp Air force base in 1960 to consolidate smaller and unneeded strips and airports as a way to save money and give Western Dahrconia a better strategic position during the cold war. Then in late 1979, the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Superabet City met at The Octagon to discuss options as more consolidation was going through due to the people's requests to cut down military operations to a more manageable level. One of the options suggested was to take the remaining land that was consigned to the Air Force Base and turn it into something with more feasibility. To help make a decision on what to do, the people themselves were asked what would be the best solution for that held land. Suggestions ranged from selling the land back to the people to turning it into another airport. Both those suggestions were not very well received as the people were satisfied with having a military presence in the area and didn't want to lose the jobs associated with having an active Air Force Base in the area. After sorting through many suggestions, one suggestion that came out of this turned out to be the most suggested. Take all that land and turn it into an Army Fort. More jobs, more money, and some better prosperity for the area. After some discussion the suggestion of building an army base was brought before the voters in November 1980 as required by law for moves like this, especially. And in a successful State election, Oreconsin Proposition 30-105 passed 71% to 29%. Then in July 1981 a contract was awarded to build up to what is now Joint Base Fort Boeningham Lizard Stomp AFB.

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