Jack's Chicken Palace is a chain of KFC franchises in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is part of the Arnold's Quaker Hospitality empire, which peaked in the 1990's with Jack's, the now-defunct Bozo's Pizza Circus chain of FEC's, a number of Red Roof Inn franchises, most of the Microtel Inns & Suites hotels in Pennsylvania, most of the Pizza Huts in Pennsylvania, and the Quik Wok Fast Food chinese restaurants.

History Edit

The chain opened it's first location in 1962. It is one of the last non-de facto KFC franchises. It was acquired in 1991 when the empire began.

As Arnold White puts it: "Our KFC is a tasty, gingery golden brown colored fast food known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, sold at our Jack's Chicken Palace restaurants, and our coleslaw is made with Miracle Whip, sugar and carrots and the gravy is a delicious stew of thick and lumpy goodness."

Colonel Sanders's appearances in Pennsylvania were sponsored by Jack's, and had mass crowds.

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