Ivanlandia is a nation off the coast of Peru. It's population is around 30 million. It is a military power in the region. It is divided into 23 provinces. The country is mountainous in some places. It was an English colony until 1803, when it declared independence from Britain in a US-style war. It's national football (soccer) team is Ivanlandia F.C. The head of state is George Granton, a member of the Ivanlandian (right-wing) Party.

History Edit

On June 11, 1659, the Spanish Empire landed on the island on which they named Las Montañas. By 1702. there were 3 major ports, El Valle, Gran Bosque (Glenwood), and Rubico. In 1704, El Valle, Gran Bosque, and Rubico were raided by the British and the colony was taken over. In 1705, the king of Britain gave Los Montañas the title of an autonomous colony. In 1723, a survey of the population confirmed that the colony was 39% Slavic, so the colony was renamed Ivanlandia to accompany the population. In 1745, rebels in the city of Rubico caused a short siege of the city, so the British closed the port of Rubico for 3 days. In the same year, Gran Bosque was renamed to Glenwood. In 1763, the rebels from Rubico were sent to the British city of Boston, MA, in which they tried to rebel there as well, so the rebels were sent on a slave ship. On January 3, 1765, Ivanlandia drafted the first declaration of independence for the nation, called the Rubico Accords. The British disapproved of the Rubico Accords, and closed Rubico Harbor (again) as well as Glenwood Harbor. El Valle's harbor was open for people to come in. The ports were re-opened in March. Ivanlandia became split in terms on loyalty to the British for the rest of the century. Nothing of importance to the colony happened between 1765 to 1801. On July 4, 1801, the British found guns in a couple of home in Tramell, a city outside of Rubico. On July 5, 1801. the British sieged Tramell and Rubico. The second Rublco Accords were made and signed by 15 representatives on July 8, 1801. Ivanlandia was a new nation. The Army of the Republic of Ivanlandia went to war with the British, winning on June 19, 1803.

A New Nation Edit

Ivanlandia decided to ally itself with the United States of America, who also revolted against the British. Ivanlandia didn't do so well economically, but had a strong army. They established a Navy in 1806, to stop raids by pirates hired by the British. Ivanlandia hired pirates to fight with the British pirates, starting the Pirate Wars of 1807 and 1809. Ivanlandia won both these wars. MORE COMING.

Provinces Edit

Ivanlandia has 23 unique provinces. These provinces are listed below.
Ivanlandian Provinces

Map of Ivanlandia's provinces.

Province name Capital Largest city
El Valle El Valle El Valle
Oxford Oxford Oxford
Glenwood East Glenwood Glenwood
Rubico Rubico Rubico
Delmayr Delmayr Delmayr
Brenton Brenton Brenton
Maurath Maurath Bridgeport
New Dniper Northtown Northtown
Dumont Dumont West Dumont
Las Montanas Las Montanas Las Montanas
Washington Gettysboro Lockton
Saint George Newport Stroud
Rochambeau Danieltown Island City
Serawee Mohegan Nashoba
Vitae Balgair Balgair
Alta Vista Alta Vista Alta Vista
Sierra Cheyenne Nueva Canberra
Watson Edison Birmingham
James Jamestown Jamestown
Reynolds Centro del Mundo Silver City
Walton Waltonsboro North Waltonsboro
Harris Harrison Harrison
Norfolk El Zorro Easton
Francisco Windham Las Frutas

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