Discovery Zone is a chain of family fun centers within The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. The chain opened their first fun center in The Sovereignty of Dahrconia in 1992. Even though the American Discovery Zone Chain went out of business in 1999 (after falling into bankruptcy, being shut down and having many of its locations rebranded under the Chuck E. Cheese's franchise), the Dahrconian Discovery Zone chain is still open after a small brand refresh in the year of its US shutdown.

The Dahrconian side of the Discovery Zone is owned by Discovery World properties LLC, a division of BigSpin Corporation.

2016 control split Edit

In July 2016, it was announced that BigSpin was entering a joint ownership agreement that would see control of Discovery Zone being split between Irving, Texas-based CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc. and BigSpin's Discovery World properties LLC.

However, fears of a complete shutdown and merger with Chuck E. Cheese's were expelled by a statement from an ABS representative confirming that rebranding would only be done to selected "underperforming" locations. Most DZ locations in major cities were expected to remain open, co-existing with ABS' Chuck E. Cheese's chain.

ABS stated that it would not attempt to build a Chuck E. Cheese's within a 3-mile radius of a DZ.

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