Darien Lake is a theme park resort in Darien Center, New York, United States. It was is owned and operated by Link Parks Management who bought the park from Six Flags in 2007. In 2017, the park was sold again to Horizons Parks. In addition to the amusement park, it features a campground, water park, and an on-site lodging.


Roller coastersEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Screaming Demon 1999 An Intamin hyper coaster themed around Superman. Formerly known as "Superman: Ride of Steel" (1999-2006).
Predator 1990 A Dinn wooden coaster.
Boomerang 1998 A standard Vekoma Boomerang model.
Viper 1982 An Arrow Dynamics looping coaster. Was the first roller coaster in the world to have five inversions.
Mind Eraser 1997 A Vekoma standard suspended looping coaster (SLC) model.
Motorcoaster 2008 A Zamperla Motorcoaster.
Hoot 'n Holler 1981 A kiddie coaster located in KidSqaure.
Chaos: Xtreme Spin 2017 An S&S 4d Free Fly coaster.

Water ridesEdit

  • Thunder Rapids (1981)
  • Grizzly Run (1989)
  • Shipwreck Falls (2002)

Flat ridesEdit

Name Year Opened Description
Scrambler 1999-2011, 2014-present A Scrambler ride originally located where Moose on the Loose is now.
Tin Lizzys 1981 An Arrow Dynamics antique car ride.
Sleigh Ride 1981 A Mack Rides Swing Bob ride that goes forwards and backwards.
Corn Popper 1982 A Huss Swing Around ride.
Hornet's Nest 2012 A Larson Flying Scooters ride.
  • Grand Carousel (1981)
  • Lasso (1981)
  • Haymaker (1981)
  • Heave Ho (2012)
  • Moose on the Loose (2012)
Name Year Opened Description
Blast Off! 2013 An S&S Space Shot tower relocated from Alabama Adventure.
Rolling Thunder 2015 A Larson Super Loop ride.
Silver Bullet 1983 A Heintz Fahtze Enterprise ride. The only Enterprise manufactured by HF in operation.

Kiddie rides (KidSquare)Edit

Name Year Opened Description
Crazy Diver 1996 A Zamperla Crazy Bus ride. Formerly known as "Daffy's Diver" (1999-2006) and "SS Popeye" (1996-1998). Was originally yellow, but was repainted red in 2007.
Kiddie Wheel 1996 A Zamplera kiddie Ferris Wheel. Formerly known as "Michigian J. Frog's Ferris Wheel" (1999-2006) and "Olive's Barrels of Fun" (1996-1998).
Slime Buckets 1996 Formerly known as "Bugs Bunny Carrot Cans" (1999-2006) and "Spinach Spinnaker" (1996-1998)
Log Rafts 1996 A Zamperla Mini Jet ride themed to wooden rafts. Formerly known as "Pepe LePew's Rafts of Romance" (1999-2006) and "Sea Hag Island" (1996-1998).
Balloon Race 1996 A Zamperla Samba Balloons ride. Formerly known as "Seaport Weather Balloons" (1999-2006) and "Up Up and Ahoy!" (1996-1998).
Lil' Lasso 1996 A Zamperla kiddie Wave Swinger ride. Formerly known as "Taz Twister" (1999-2006) and "Swee Pea Swings" (1996-1998).
Lighthouse-A-Round 1996 A Zamperla Convy guided track that has monster trucks. Formerly known as "Foghorn Leghorn's Coastal Delivery" (1999-2006) and "Bluto's Monster Trucks" (1996-1998).
Bear Cub Bumper Buggys 1981 Kiddie bumper cars. Formerly known as "Dodgems" (1981-2006).
BMX Motorcross 1981 A kiddie umbrella ride with motorcycles that "jump".

Hurricane Bay rides and attractionsEdit

  • Brain Drain (2015)
  • Tornado (2005)
  • Big Kahuna (2006)
  • Crocodile Isle (1997)
  • Ripcurl Racers (2016)
  • Swirl City (2010)
  • Hook's Lagoon (1996)
  • Flotation Station (2010)
  • 'Cuda Falls (1994)

Extra chargeEdit

  • Grand Prix Speedway (1987)
  • Redhawk (1995; formerly known as "Skycoaster")
  • Slingshot (2002)

Former rides/attractionsEdit

  • Ranger (1982-2014; refurbished and sent to Six Flags Varosha)
  • Twister (2000-2015)
  • Raging Seas (1981-2012; replaced with Blast Off!)
  • Crazy Quilt (1981-1998)

Former water park attractionsEdit

  • Rainbow Mountain (1981-1993; replaced with 'Cuda Falls)
  • Cascade Canyon (1982-2001; replaced with Shipwreck Falls)

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