Chuck E. Cheese's is family entertainment center located in Superabet City in The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. This location is the largest Chuck E. Cheese's fun center in The Sovereignty of Dahrconia.

History Edit

The Superabet City location opened in 1982 as a Showbiz Pizza Place and was one of the first international SPP's. It had the classic Rock-afire Explosion. The store's design was reused for the Kuwait Showbiz Pizza Place (which was bombed). Later, the Superabet City Showbiz Pizza Place was shut down, and reopened under the Chuck E. Cheese's brand.

Show status Edit

Currently, the Helen bot has the mask and hair from the Helen bot at the now-closed Zone 9 3-stage CEC in Guatemala. Munch's keyboard still has the Rock-afire organ front. Jasper has a Billy Bob guitar (minus Birthday Bird) and has red and blue Beach Bear guitars on stage next to Jasper. The store has the Avenger outfit and Avenger hat on the Chuck bot. The store currently has the Pizzacam from the now-closed Zone 9 3-stage CEC in Guatemala (which was given a black plastic mask made by the tech at the Huntsville, Alabama, United States store upon arrival in Dahrconia). The store also has a helicopter light.

Playground Edit

Currently, the playground is a SkyTubes playground with two ball pits.

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