Chuck E. Cheese's Historical Location #960 is a family entertainment center located at 3600 E. State St. in Rockford, Illinois, appointed as a "historical location" as it contains the last 80's Rocker stage in existence.

History Edit

CEC Historical Location #960 opened sometime in the 1980's as a Celebration Station, a family entertainment chain that attempted to piggyback on the success of Chuck E. Cheese's, albeit to very little success, featuring an animatronic band and other attractions. Later on in life, Celebration Station closed and it became a Showbiz Pizza Place with the Rock-afire Explosion show (it's possible Rockford got it's Rock-afire band from another SPP that closed, as SPP had possibly already had severed ties with Creative Engineering around the time), and later on in life gained the Rocker stage. Later, the Rockford Showbiz Pizza Place was shut down, and reopened under the Chuck E. Cheese's brand.

The Rockford location went unnoticed amongst most Chuck E. Cheese's locations until 2016, when the Japanese media company Kabushiki Gaisha ABS took control of its owners, CEC Entertainment Inc. Shortly after the buyout, Rockford was designated as a "historical location", and began being remodeled as a "two-sided" location that both resembles a Pizza Time Theatre and a modern ABS Chuck E. Cheese's on the interior.

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