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Chuck E. Cheese's is a chain of family entertainment/"fun" centers operating in the Sovereignty of Dahrconia. The chain is owned and operated by CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc. under its regional subsidiary Chuck E. Cheese's International (Dahrconia) Co, Ltd.

History Edit

Chuck E. Cheese's opened their first restaurant in the Sovereignty of Dahrconia in 1984, under the ownership of Showbiz Pizza Time, Inc. Upon being renamed "Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza", a rapid expansion followed into other corners of Dahrconia, further accelerated when it was relaunched simply as "Chuck E. Cheese's", and eventually having locations in every state by the time the parent company was rebranded as CEC Entertainment.

In June 2016, Kabushiki Gaisha ABS took control of the Chuck E. Cheese's chain worldwide. Chuck E. Cheese's International (Dahrconia) Co, Ltd. was formed within the chain's existing Dahrconian headquarters (itself an annexe of CEC Entertainment), and was appointed with the expansion of the chain within the Sovereignty's borders, whilst ABS worked to propose new concepts, products and ad campaigns for CEC, as well as improving experiences for customers and guests.

Differences between Dahrconian and US CEC locations Edit

The Dahrconian Chuck E. Cheese's closely followed the principles of its American counterpart, but also introduced some of its own quirks and selling points.

Chuck E. Cheese's Token Card Edit

The "Token Card" is a magnetic card system that was used in selected locations as a replacement for tokens and tickets from 2005 onwards. This idea was soon picked up by some locations in the United States, however the US system was quickly deactivated in late 2006 after a spectacular failure at CEC Entertainment's main trial location at Chuck E. Cheese's Irving, TX. Their Dahrconian annexe continued using the cards after it was evaluated that the cards were deemed much easier to use amongst the Dahrconian public.

Some people claim that this was the inspiration for the somewhat more successful, albeit unfairly price-hiked NFC "Play Pass" system that was introduced in selected US locations in 2014. In 2016, the Play Pass system was temporarily deactivated whilst Chuck E.'s new owners (Kabushiki Gaisha ABS) worked to ditch the variable-price "Playpoints" used by the Play Pass system and convert Playpoints back into tokens, as well as refitting games in these locations to accept both tokens and Playpasses. After this overhaul, ABS introduced newly-revamped Token Cards to Dahrconian locations, with the added ability to use the Token Card overseas at Play-Pass-accepting locations.