For the chain's operations as a whole, see Chuck E. Cheese's

Chuck E. Cheese's opened their first restaurant in Saniel in 1992 after taking over the Showbiz Pizza Place chain.

History Edit

The chain's Sanielan operations can be traced back to 1982 when Showbiz Pizza Place opened locations in New Madrid and Sietla, with the latter being its registered headquarter address. Showbiz Pizza Time, the company responsible for its operations would later expand into the cities of Savo, Estro, Sietla and Kota.

In 1992, Chuck E. Cheese's would open its first locations through means of a mass "Concept Unification" rebranding effort, similar to that initiated in the United States. Unlike in the United States (where Showbiz Pizza ran alongside Chuck E.'s up until the CU period), Chuck E.'s had never existed in Saniel until Concept Unification, effectively marking 1992 as Chuck E. Cheese's debut year in Saniel.

A major change in ownership happened in 2016 when the Kabushiki Gaisha ABS conglomerate bought Chuck E. Cheese's, including its Sanielan operations.

Shows Edit

As with CEC operations in every country, Sanielan Chuck E. Cheese's locations have no chain-wide show stage setup. The following stages are in operation as of December 2016:

  • CU 1-Stage M 
  • The Studio C line (Alpha, Beta, Cappa, Delta)
  • 3-stage (mostly found at former Showbiz Pizza locations)
  • CU 1-stage (mostly found at older locations that were never Showbiz)
  • Cyberamic 1-stage 
  • Circles of Light 

Locations Edit

Some of Chuck E. Cheese's Sanielan locations are found in the suburbs of major cities, with a large number operating in smaller, more distant cities.

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