For the chain's operations as a whole, see Chuck E. Cheese's.

Chuck E. Cheese's is a chain of family entertainment centers in the Noshin Republic. It is currently the most popular FEC chain in the country.

History Edit

In April 2017, Noshin citizens returning from vacations in the United States began discussing their experiences at American branches of Chuck E. Cheese's, Kabushiki Gaisha ABS' family entertainment center chain, with other members of the public. Media coverage of the company in the Noshin Republic began to increase.

In the later end of April 2017, citizens and Noshin members of the CEC fandom began staging peaceful demonstrations in El Laiop in an attempt to convince CEC-ABS Entertainment, the ABS division responsible for operating the FECs, to open locations in the Noshin Republic. However, these demonstrations quickly turned into riots. Kenji Yukimura, the chief executive officer of CEC-ABS, responded by announcing the company's intention to open locations in El Laiop, Monterey, Bridgeport, New Athens, Michigan and Martinsburg in late May 2017. It was also announced that some locations would be partial "throwback" locations, built to earlier standards (phases 3, 4 and 5).

CEC acquired a closed It'z FEC in El Laiop, which was shut down by Horizons upon taking ownership of the company. It was designated as CEC's flagship location in the country. Construction work began on May 2, 2017.

At 9am on May 26, 2017, CEC officially opened its first 7 Noshin locations with an opening party in El Laiop, attended by Kenji Yukimura himself.

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