Chuck E. Cheese's is a chain of family entertainment centers in Japan owned by Kabushiki Gaisha ABS.

History Edit

In 1989, Kenji Yukimura, aged 8 at the time, moved from Tooele, Utah to Obama, Fukui Prefecture. Kenji had been visiting Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Time Theatre in Salt Lake City from age 4, attending birthday parties for siblings and himself.

Upon arrival in Japan, Kenji was unimpressed by the absence of his favourite family entertainment center. He immediately attempted to spread awareness, with the ultimate goal of convincing a willing franchise owner to open locations. This effort was unsuccessful, and Kenji admitted defeat on August 19, 1993, the date of his 12th birthday.

In 1999, Kenji Yukimura became the head of Kabushiki Gaisha ABS, operator of Japan's flagship English-language television network, the Aso Broadcasting System.

In May 2015, Kenji was sent a plush doll of Chuck E. Cheese. The 9-inch-tall doll was found in the attic of the Yukimura family household in Obama and was believed to have been obtained during Kenji's 7th birthday party.

In June 2016, Kenji announced that he had purchased CEC Entertainment Incorporated, the company responsible for operating Chuck E. Cheese's. He announced the opening of several new locations, one of which would be in Japan. This location opened in July. Kenji celebrated his 35th birthday at Chuck E.'s in August that year.

Locations Edit

Chuck E. Cheese's currently has two locations in Japan. Its flagship location is located in Shinjuku, Tokyo, underneath the ABS Broadcasting Center. The second location is situated in the seafront district of Odaiba, also in Tokyo.

The opening of a location in Fukuoka's Hakata Riverain Mall is scheduled to take place in July 2017. A location in Kobe is also being planned.

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