Chuck E. Cheese's Snack Spot (referred to simply as "Chuck E.'s Snack Spot") is a chain of takeaway pizza restaurants operated by CEC-ABS Entertainment, Inc.

History Edit

The first Snack Spot locations opened in July 2016, with the very first Snack Spot opening in West Allis, Wisconsin in a former Blue Boy ice cream stand, and a second one opening in Lunenburg, Massachusetts in a converted house one week later.

The next wave of Snack Spots opened predominantly in shopping mall food courts, with Euclid Square Mall receiving a Snack Spot during its renovation. The Lunenburg and West Allis locations would close in September that year due to low customer counts stemming from poor location planning.

On May 3, 2017, Kenji Yukimura officially announced that the future of the Snack Spot concept was in doubt. He specifically cited increases in Chuck E. Cheese's patronage, whilst Snack Spot patronage was steadily declining from already-low numbers. No new Snack Spot openings were listed by the company, and franchise offers for new Snack Spots were no longer being accepted.

At 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time on May 10, 2017, the Randall Park Snack Spot closed. No official phase-out has been confirmed by the company as of May 18.

A potential replacement for the Snack Spot concept is being discussed by CEC-ABS - some sources are pointing towards the opening of new Chuck E. Cheese's locations intended to serve more localised regions, however this too is unconfirmed.

Features Edit

Snack Spots have the same food preparation equipment and menus as regular CEC locations.

Some locations feature a "Sketch Book" photo booth, with a select few others featuring a Ticket Blaster in addition (tickets are redeemed when visiting a local Chuck E. Cheese's).

5 game tokens are given with every food purchase at a Snack Spot for use upon a future visit to Chuck E. Cheese's, and where facilities exist, use of the Sketch Book and Ticket Blaster at the Snack Spot. A strict one-turn-per-customer rule applies to the Ticket Blaster, with a similar two-turns-per-customer rule being applied to the Sketch Book.

Locations Edit

Snack Spot locations are typically located within indoor shopping mall food courts, airports, and built-up areas, all situations where a full-service Chuck E. Cheese's cannot be built.

CEC-ABS does not currently operate any Snack Spots outside of the United States.

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