Chocks is a brand of children's chewable vitamins made by BS Products, Inc.. The vitamins come in two fruit flavored forms, chewable tables and gummies. The brand also has a line of nutritional shakes for children branded as "Chocks Mighty Milk".


United StatesEdit

Chocks products are currently available in stores in the Eastern United States and in New England, but Chocks product are also sold through online retailers as well.



  • Chocks Bugs Bunny Chewables
  • Chocks Bugs Bunny Gummies
  • Chocks Flintstones Chewables
  • Chocks Flintstones Gummies
  • Chocks DC Comics Chewables
  • Chocks DC Comics Gummies

Chocks Mighty MilkEdit

  • Chocks Mighty Milk Chocolate Shake
  • Chocks Mighty Milk Vanilla Shake
  • Chocks Mighty Milk Strawberry Shake
  • Chocks Mighty Milk Chocolate Mix
  • Chocks Mighty Milk Vanilla Mix

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