The Cheyenna Republic is a large island nation in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It's capital and largest city is Pearl City, Seminole. The official languages of Cheyenna is English and Russian though a small percentage of the people also speak various Native languages.


Work in Progress


The climate of the Cheyenna Republic varies depending on the location. It is very cold in the Northern areas while the Southern areas tend to be warmer year round. The highest recorded temperature ever recorded in Cheyenna was 127*F in Preble, Foxton on July 18, 1925. The lowest recorded temperature ever recorded was -73*F in Shelbyville, Delta on December 20, 1952. The Cheyennan National Weather Bureau is responsible for all things weather and climate related in Cheyenna. Tropical Cyclones can also hit the nation, a major hurricane impacts Cheyenna Once every 2 years. Tornadoes can also spawn, most tornadoes occur in Cheyenna's Tornado Alley which can sometimes see more and powerful tornadoes than the plain states of the US. 

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