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Brothers is a clothing store chain that sells apparel, underwear, sleepwear, swimwear, lifestyle, accessories, and personal care products aimed at boys age 4–15. Brothers operates in malls and shopping centers, with the first Brothers stores opened in 2011. Most Brothers stores are located next to or co-branded with Justice stores.

Bro BucksEdit

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Bro Bucks saving card

Bro Bucks is the name of the customer loyalty program at Brothers stores. During certain times of the year, Bro Bucks discounts are offered. You can receive one card for every purchase you make during this time. The cards are for $10-$20 off a purchase of $40 or more in the US.

The Bro Bucks system works interchangeably with the J-Bucks system used by sister chain Justice.

The system is currently only supported by US, Eruowoodian, and Varoshan stores; Bro Bucks are null and void at international Brothers stores. Attempts to introduce similar loyalty systems to Brothers (and its sister chain) are currently in progress in Dahrconia and Kanton.


  • The endless adventure (used more often with the horse logo)
  • Together in the endless pursuit of the best day ever (Primary slogan)
  • B the star (used in advertising)
  • Let the adventure begin (used in a 2016 advertisement)

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