This is not to be confused with the defunct Big 8 Conference

Big 8

The Big 8 Conference is a collegiate association in The Sovereignty of Dahrconia. Made up of eight schools along the other side of the Dexaplahst River, the Big 8 Conference is a part of the Collegiate Athletic Union of Dahrconia. In college football, the conference doesn't host a conference championship game, giving the title to the team that finishes with the best record in the conference. They host conference tournaments in collegiate basketball, baseball, and hockey.

Member Schools Edit

  1. Washagon Huskies (located in Amber, Washagon)
  2. Liverpool Reds (located in Liverpool, Washagon)
  3. Missitucky Wildcats (located in Sydney, Missitucky)
  4. Missitucky State Lumberjacks (located in Melbourne, Missitucky)
  5. University of Oakhurst Cougars (located in Oakhurst, Calisota)
  6. Duckburg University Ducks (located in Duckburg, Calisota)
  7. University of Calikota-Mellingville Braves (located in Mellingville, Calikota)
  8. University of Southern Calikota Trojans (located in Pleasant Valley, Calikota)

Rivalries in the Big 8 Conference Edit

There are five rivalries in the Big 8 Conference, and all five at times get ugly.

Backyard Brawl: Missitucky Wildcats/Missitucky State Lumberjacks Edit

Separated by 25 miles, the Missitucky/Missitucky State rivalry is known as The Backyard Brawl. First meeting in 1998, the overall series in football is 10-8 in favor of Missitucky State, with Missitucky winning the last 4 contests between the two.

Battle for the Pacifier: Missitucky State Lumberjacks/UC-Mellingville Braves Edit

This rivalry started in 2000 when Missitucky State head coach Joe Smith accused UC-Mellingville head coach Art Finn of "babying" his team, calling the Braves "thugs, thieves, and hoodlums." So that led to their encounter, where the Braves defeated the Lumberjacks 13-7, and Finn, instead of shaking Smith's hand, gave him a pacifier.

Battle of the Brothers: Oakhurst Cougars/Duckburg Ducks Edit

Oakhurst and Duckburg are separated by 100 miles, and is the most heated rivalry in the Big 8. In the 2012 meeting, it was the highest scored game in Big 8 history as Duckburg edged out Oakhurst 55-52, and a fight broke out at the end of the game.

Border War: Missitucky Wildcats/Washagon Huskies Edit

One side of the border, you have the campuses of Washagon in Amber. On the other side, you have the campuses of Missitucky in Sydney. The series is tied at 9-9, with Missitucky winning the last 3 contests between the two.

The Civil War: UC-Mellingville Braves/Southern Calikota Trojans Edit

Mellingville to the north, and Pleasant Valley to the south, The Civil War is one of the fierce rivalries in the Big 8 (next to The Battle of the Brothers). From 2002-2010, and since 2014, the winner of The Civil War wins the Big 8 Conference (Mellingville winning it in 2002, 2004, 2007, and 2010; Southern Calikota winning it in 2003, 2005-06, 2008-09, and 2014-15).

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