For the chains operations as a whole, see 77 Kids


American Eagle Outfitters introduced the 77 Kids brand to Saniel in 2011. In some locations the stores were located adjacent to or inside the adult American Eagle stores.

In March 2016, after American Eagle's sales were struggling in Saniel, the 77 Kids brand was discontinued.

Store designEdit

The stores were designed with kids in mind with these fun "kid-friendly" store design points:

  • Peek-a-boo" safety portholes on the changing room doors
  • Specially-marked hooks in the changing rooms, marked "Gotta have it!", "Mmmm, maybe", and "No way!", intended to give children a means of communicating their opinions on certain garments to their parents
  • A "Treats" bar, where children can receive a piece of candy, a temporary tattoo, a small toy, or a sticker after their parents make a clothing purchase

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