The 2016 Sovereignty of Dahrconia General Election is the day that the voters decide who they want to be their representatives. The General Election is being held on November 8th, 2016, same as the US General Election.

History Edit

This election so far is proving to be a hotly contested affair. The Conservative Centrist Party was the Government in Parliament when it was dissolved August 1st, 2016. The Conservative Centrist Party is looking to hold onto the government as they are being challenged by The Labor Democrat Party. More information will come in as the day continues.

Results Edit

Tennemont: Conservative Centrist candidate William Phillips wins his seat in the Dahrconian Parliament.

Dahrconian Parliament: The Coservative Centrists reclaim control of The House of Commons, as Prime Minister Rodney Masters will continue his duties.

Dahrconian Parliament will resume Monday January 9th, 2017. Then in March 2017, The sovereignty will have it's state opening of parliament.

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